National / 5U4GB-NATIONAL USA Trade 5 pieces

5U4GB-NATIONAL USA Trade 5 pieces 5U4GB-NATIONAL USA Trade 5 pieces Click on image(s) above to view larger

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These National 5U4GB are a very high specification military grade 5U4GB that were made in the U.S.A.

The National item has thick grade glass and thick mica supports at the top and bottom of the valve. The valve has a triple getter with a double getter at the top and a single getter at the side. This system was used to create gas free evacuation in the manufacturing process of the valve. The anode plates are made from thick grade nickel with box style plates and they have the magic black grey coating.

These 5U4GB also have the brown micanol base, the micanol was a special heat resistant base that was specified for military use. This valve can be used to replace 5U4G, 5U4GA & 5U4GB

American made 5U4GB are getting very hard to find now and we only have a very limited stock of this item. So for a limited period you can buy a rectifier that out performs the modern day item.

Here you get 5 pieces of 5U4GB National @ 16.00 each making a total of 80



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