Haltron / 5Y3GT-HALTRON

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The Haltron brand was part of the British company Hall Electric company that distributed valves and components in the UK.

They tended to buy stock from all European factories as well as Japan.They had a contract to supply the ministry of defence and so had had test facilities to supply to MOD standard.
These Haltron CV1856 5Y3GT were supplied to the Government under the CV1856 contract code. This has been one of our most popular 5Y3GT rectifiers for use in Fender and Mesa Boogie amplifiers over the years due to its excellent construction and exceptional performance.

The plate design is identical to the RCA which makes this valve very rugged and resistant to rattles, vibration and microphonics. This valve fully meets the higher Nato specification for a 5Y3GT and therefore has the CV number and the Haltron logo on the Glass.

Fitting these will upgrade your amplifier from any of the modern made 5Y3GT as they supply all the correct voltages and are of superb quality.

These come in the original boxes and unfortunately we only have a limited stock of this rare item.



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