Celestion Bass Speakers / Celestion BL12 200X Ferrite 8 Ohm

Celestion BL12 200X Ferrite 8 Ohm Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Celestion use the highest grade materials and components and make some of the finest bass speakers available.
2 only

The Ferrite magnet 12 Inch BL12-200X Green label bass speaker gives 200 watts power handling with the same classic rounded rock sound with the tight low end definition that is associated with Celestion drivers.

The cone material is Kevlar impregnated which gives a warm smooth even response.
The Ferrite magnet gives the traditional cone response with a nice rounded attack.

This speaker is ideal for those Bass players who want plenty of top end detail with a traditional warm rock sound. It works well for funk players who like to slap and pull and does not sound over bright even when using an active bass.



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