Pinnacle / 6X5GT/EZ35-PINNACLE

6X5GT/EZ35-PINNACLE 6X5GT/EZ35-PINNACLE Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Pinnacle were valve distributor based in London who were the principle suppliers of most of the UK Radio and TV repair shops. They bought in huge bulk and as they were in competition with Mullard and Brimar they tended to buy valves from very good factories. Most tended come from Tungsram in Hungary, the Japanese Matsushita factory and Government sources across the world and they branded them Pinnacle. They stated that they offered the pick of the world’s best valve.They certainly did as these valves offer great value for money and all are from good NOS factories
The EZ35 is a purpose designed full wave rectifier for use in low power AC mains driven equipment. These are a very nice quality items and have the black anode plate and look to be American made.

We have a good stock of these on hand and at this low price they offer excellent value. All items come in the original Pinnacle box.



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