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Robert Keeley is one of the best Guitar pedal designers and modders in the music industry. The worlds biggest stars and producers use his pedal from Steve Vai to U2 'The Edge'.
The Keeley 1962x is a British Overdrive pedal that has been modified by Robert to have a 2 mode function over the standard single mode of the Keeley 1962 Overdrive.

If youve played a Blues Breaker, you know to expect creamy low-gain overdrive tones that sound good into any amp from any country. Keeley auditioned several low-noise op-amps for the 1962x and chose the one with the best tone-to-noise ratio. Fenders and Vox owners can make the most of the 1962x with ease; it isnt a Marshall-only party and this pedal certainly has the X-factor.

So what could make it sound better? The 1962x is a limited version of our 1962, built in batches when we have the supply, with an additional “KT88″ high headroom mode utilizing MOSFET clipping.

In the “KT66″ mode you will get the same performance and gain range you get in the standard 1962, from mild light breakup all the way to full saturation. In the “KT88″ mode, a MOSFET transistor is inserted in the clipping stage to produce a higher output, and a more forceful, focused and meatier sound. The KT88 Mode definitely steps the presence up a notch and acts terrifically to light up the front end of a classic tube amp (maybe even a Bluesbreaker). Take all of this and place it in a brand new graphic design featuring many classic Bluesbreaker design elements and a special printed “open back” back plate, and you end up with a terrific sounding pedal that is really great to look at too!

The Keeley 1962x classic British Overdrive

We all know the power of British made black and gold amplifiers made by Marshall, Big. Powerful, crunchy, classic.

Now take the incredible tone of Claptons blues breaker and wrap a Keeley Katana circuit around both sides of it and you have the Keeley 1962 and add the classic KT88 mode and you have the 1962X the very definition of classic distortion tones, Blackmore with his Marshall Majors perhaps.

Layers of Gain

Layering gain sounds is one of the most tried and true ways of getting a deep rich tone. A tone that has smoothness to it, has sustain to it. It let’s you sing! That’s exactly what we’ve done here in this hybrid of circuits. We’ve taken one of the most popular boosters out there, the Katana, and split it in half. Using both JFETs like valves in a British amp, we create pre-amp and output tube distortions characteristics.

This 1962x pairs up and creates an incredible lead tone. which is near perfect for leads. Check out John Mayer’s use of the Klon and a Bluesbreaker pedal. Now imagine that only better.

Hand Built and Crafted in the USA

This unit is crafted from precision components and workmanship. Even the surface mount JFET transistors are placed and soldered by hand. A very low noise op-amp was selected for this tone-tool. You’ve come to expect brilliance from Keeley pedals, this one delivers. It sparkles with life and energy, but doesn’t have the noise that takes away from that clarity. This is a limited edition item that depends on the supply of the components used, hence this pedal could be discontinued at any time.

Keeley Electronics 1962x Overdrive Features:

•Classic Blues Breaker circuit enveloped in the Keeley Katana

•Low-noise op-amp

•True bypass switching

•Standard 9v centre-negative operation

•KT66 & KT88 modes



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