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Robert Keeley is one of the best Guitar pedal designers and modders in the music industry. The worlds biggest stars and producers use his pedal from Steve Vai to U2 'The Edge'.
The Keeley 30ms Automatic Double Tracker is a stereo effect pedal that offers an array of studio style doubling effects used for creating thicker, fuller sounding instruments.
The Keeley 30ms is designed to work with guitar, bass, keyboard and vocals.

The effect pedal has a built in reverb that simulates the famous chamber in Studio Two

John Lennon was very unhappy with the vocal doubling process so he and engineer Ken Townshend devised a mechanical method for double tracking.

This technique has become the Industry standard process of creating recordings that sound bigger and fuller by making it sound like two guitars, or singers, or instrumentalists.
This fullness can be heard on any of John vocals with the Beatles or on his solo recordings.

The Keeley Engineering 30ms Automatic Double Tracker pedal can be used in mono with a built in “Abbey Verb” reverb control, or in stereo as the Double Tracker Pro.

The 30ms offers altered and detuned effects like a chorus pedal might sound, only without the regularity of a LFO oscillator.
Dimension Mode. In this mode you have the ability to create up to two different voices for a stereo double tracked field. The user controls the tuning and delay for results that are stunning mono or through two amplifiers in stereo.

Abbey Mode offers something more similar to a conventional chorus in that it simulates synched tape decks running in parallel with varying tape speeds. Stereo or mono this mode gives players a wide, lush sound without sounding like a conventional chorus pedal.

Slapback Mode for rockabilly sounds. The Slapback is now a double tracked echo with the two altered voices. Add the Keeley Abbey Verb to this mode to create really new effects.

Until now no one has been able to accurately replicate the tape delay. Keeley double tracker features all the sounds you could ever want into a compact package.

Keeley has given this effect with several control parameters to make this pedalboard friendly. The tuning knob tunes the signal between +/- 30 cents. In Abbey Mode it adjusts rate and depth. The Time knob adjusts the milliseconds of delay from 0 to 30ms and in Slapback mode, 30 to 120ms.
An on-board reverb can be dialled with frequency roll offs of 600Hz and 10kHz.

The three modes are Dimension, Abbey Mode and Slapback. Dimension mode is a classic double tracker featuring two voices, adjustable with the Tuning knob. Slapback adds to this by expanding the delay time to 120ms, while retaining the voices. Abbey Mode calls back vintage tape-tracking, with a modulation control to emulate a gentle-worn tape machine

The 30ms offers musicians the ability to take these techniques with them out on the road with a wide range of tools needed for crafting unique double tracking sounds.



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