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Many musicians have found that by upgrading the stock Eminence/Fender blue back speakers to a Jensen, Celestion or Weber they have improved the sonic and tonal definition with smoother distortion characteristics of these fine amplifiers. We also have the Harma USA series speakers that have been specially designed with 3 different tonal options so you can get the best out of your Fender amplifier. By upgrading the valves to selected HARMAs They have noticed the additional benefits such as better clarity, larger and improved sound stage with increased reliability. Here we have listed our most common upgrades giving you the opportunity to enjoy a valve and speaker upgrade at a greatly reduced cost.
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The Fender Blues Junior upgrade kit fitted with a Harma Dark Sapphire speaker and Harma valves will provide the ideal combination of classic vintage Fender crunchy open top sound with a tight British style low end.

The speaker is designed to do exactly what is says providing a smooth clear natural top end which is less bright and by using a large magnet you will get more bass response
Whist maintaining the best balance of clean vintage Fender sounds, warm overdrive with tight punchy lows. This speaker was made directly for those who wanted more bass response from an open backed cabinet.

We use a combination of the best of the current production valves and our own specially designed Harma Dark Sapphire guitar speaker that has been designed for Fender amplifiers.

The Harma STR ECC83 is used as it has the most neutral and clear vintage tone of all the current production ECC83/12AX7 types. The valves mid-range is very transparent and
very well balanced with nice even bass which has plenty of depth.
The treble has nice chime and is indeed the closest in sound to the Original G.E 12AX7 which most people consider the best 12AX7 in Fender amplifiers. We use a selected version to ensure that classic Fender sparkle.

The Harma EL84/E84L is chosen as it has the best clean sound out of any modern EL84.

In clean mode the valve has a well-balanced sound with a deep solid bass. The valve breaks up later than many others and in overdriven conditions results in a clearly defined creamy distortion. These characteristics make this the ideal valve in Fender amplifiers.

The problem that many players encounter when using a modern American voiced ceramic speaker in their Fender is that they can sound overly bright and harsh. The upper frequencies are very peaky and are too cutting especially when more gain is added .This results in a harsh almost brittle top which is not pleasing to listen too. A further issue with the Fender Blues Junior is that the standard speaker is very flabby and ill-defined in the bass response. This results in the loss of individual note separation and clarity.

The solution is the Harma G12 Dark Sapphire 50H 12 inch guitar speaker as this will allow the natural sound of your amp and youre playing to come through.

To extend the bass end give the speaker more midrange presence a heavy magnet was used. This will give a louder and deeper response to the E, A, & D strings whilst maintaining excellent balance.
The extended bass end is complemented by a warm punchy more pronounced midrange which is smooth and retains that ceramic punch.

It is in the upper mids and top end response that set this speaker apart from all the others. The careful selection of components means that this speaker has a natural non aggressive top end in clean mode. The cap selection allows a balanced clear high treble frequency with the natural harmonics of the cone to shine through. When overdriven the Dark Sapphire emits a natural high end presence which will cut through any mix but also allow you to have greater control over your amp or pedal setting so you can colour the tone to suit your individual sound. It provides excellent string intonation for broken or double stops chords allowing your chords to full ring.

We have built a speaker which has the right balance of clarity and top end neutrality with the bass extension and midrange presence lacking is so many speakers today. This speaker is simply awesome for Strat players who want bass extension and those needing to add bass response to their open back cabinet.

The Harma G12 Dark Sapphire delivers these features that will enable you to create your own signature sound.

Here is what our customer Nick Gagg said after fitting Harma Dark Sapphire in a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue.

I own a Fender blues deluxe reissue amp and playing mainly jazz guitar this amp has a reputation for a loud and warm fender clean tone. As I am a perfectionist I began to notice harshness that gave away the Fenders budget conscious amp components and was slightly harsh and unsustaining in its note presentation.

Thus ensued revalveing the amp with high spec tubes from Watford valves whose expertise in all things amp proved invaluable. After a while I was still unsatisfied with my sound and invested in a replacement speaker unit hand made in the UK by Harma. The Dark sapphire blew away the stock Fender speaker in both sound and build quality. In fact it has transformed a mid-price unit into something much more boutique and efficient. The headroom and clarity and punch of this unit is perfect being both balanced and rich and full of the detail of your playing dynamics, without imposing its own character to your sound like the stock unit. I would recommend this speaker for all styles of guitar though as I do have an interest in post punk and progressive metal. This speaker really makes a distorted signal come to life; its very punchy, in a musical way that is note biased rather than a harsh fast attack oriented delivery. I think this speaker is a winner in this combo and I am delighted to say that its competitive price obliterated its competitors in value and tone."

The kit consists of

2 Specially Selected Harma ECC83 STR
1 Specially Selected & Balanced Harma ECC83 STR for V3
2 Specially Selected and matched Harma EL84/E84L
1 Harma 12 inch Ceramic Dark Sapphire 8 Ohm speaker

Please note that this kit contains the valves and speaker only.



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