Reflector Russia Cryo / EL84/6P14P EP-Reflector Super 10K Cryo

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Reflector Corp, Saratov: The Reflector Corp based in Saratov in Russia made some of the best Russian military types. Reflector has built large thyratrons as well as signal valves with most of its production going to the Russian government. All items are original Military sourced items and therefore offer superb build and sound quality. Reflector manufactured some of the technically most advanced valves ever produced. We have taken some of the best sounding and highest quality items and Cryo treated them. These items give outstanding sound quality at a fraction of the price of West European manufactured items.
The 6P14P-EP is the original Reflector made 10,000 hour super EL84 that was originally designed for the Russian military. This valve has special design parameters and because of these you will not find a valve that will provide better performance.

The Features

These valve were made with the highest grade components and precision and were all tested using the accelerated life test designed for the Russian government.

This involved reducing the filament voltage with the result monitored at every stage for a drop in transconductance for a designated time period. As a valve is used and gets older the ability of cathode to emit electrons decreases. So valves with no drop or only a small change In transconductance would get the 10,000 rating.

The second part of the test was measurement of residual reverse current. The valves that met the highest standard were rated at 10,000 and given 6P14P-EP marking and then were supplied to the Russian government.The other feature of the 6P14P-EP is that they were designed to be resilient to vibration so great news for guitar amplifier users.

This valve was very expensive when they were made and was never available for commercial use.

This valve is extremely rare and we have only ever had a handful of these over the last 25 years.The final important points on this valve, of which there are many is that it has a wider bandwidth and has 20 % better transients when compared to the Philips Mullard EL84.

The Russian specification sheets show the heater tolerance is around 10%. So for an EL84 output pentode this is really very special. The valve also has 14 watt plate dissipation, higher than any European made Mullard or Philips EL84.

These valves have all been burst tested by us on the rig built for Brian May the Queen Guitarist.

They undergo our own unique real world burst testing. The burst testing process involves a series of varying timed electrical signal bursts. This runs the valves under the same stress conditions that they will meet in your amplifier. More importantly the same stress as Brian put the valves under when using his Vox AC30 and Treble Boost. Result Not one single failure- No valve has ever achieved this

It is not surprising that this valve sound is very clear, open and sweet. The valves transparency and dynamic response is superb and in untreated format is easily up there with the best NOS items.

So we have taken these to the next level and Cryo treated them to provide a valve that will give outstanding sonic performance at over a quarter of the price of Mullards and Telefunken EL84.

These come in burst tested matched pairs and quads with all the original markings and government stamps.

So don't miss your opportunity to buy technically the best EL84 valve that was made at an amazing price. It has taken us 25 years to find these gems in meaningful quantity and I am sure I will not get this opportunity again.



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