Sovtek / EL84-SOVTEK Trade 16 pieces

EL84-SOVTEK Trade 16 pieces EL84-SOVTEK Trade 16 pieces Click on image(s) above to view larger

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The Sovtek Corporation produces a range of the most popular audio and guitar valves. These valves are made in Russia to high standards at the reflector plant. These valves are used by original equipment manufactures the world over for their sound quality and reliability.
The Sovtek EL84 has been the industry standard EL84 for over 20 years.
It provides a smooth warm sound with excellent distortion characteristics.
Excellent replacements at a low cost and used by Mesa Boogie, Fender, Peavey and a
whole host of major amplifier manufacturers.

Here you get 16 pieces of EL84 Sovtek in Matched Quads @ £8.00 each making a total £128.00



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