JJ Tesla / EL34/E34L-JJ TESLA Trade 12 pieces

EL34/E34L-JJ TESLA Trade 12 pieces EL34/E34L-JJ TESLA Trade 12 pieces Click on image(s) above to view larger

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The JJ factory was born out of the ashes of the former Tesla factory. They currently make a range of High quality valves based on some of Tesla most famous designs.
The JJ Tesla E34L is a high grade EL34 valve that has some outstanding qualities.
The JJ valve is beautifully made with thick grade glass and features gold grid wire and
uses high temperature alloy for the construction of the anode plates.

Sonically the JJ also provides excellent performance in audio as well as guitar amplifier situation.

In guitar amplifiers in a clean playing application the E34L produces a bright and vibrant top end. The midrange is full and well balanced with a tight and well defined bass end.

In overdriven mode the JJ E34L produces a rich creamy overdriven sound with plenty of punch and bite.

The JJ E34L has been a long time favourite of mine hence we buy a large quantity of these to ensure you get the best price.

Here you get 12 pieces of E34L JJ in Matched Pairs & Quads @ £19.20 each making a total £230.40



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