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Blackstar HT1 Metal 7025 RFT ECC82 Distortion Kit Blackstar HT1 Metal 7025 RFT ECC82 Distortion Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Black Star guitar amplifiers have quite rightly caused a major buzz in the music industry since their launch back in 2007. By upgrading the valves to our selected sets customers have been able to voice their amps to their personal requirements. Customers have reported a range of benefits when upgrading the valves over the factory items. Here we have listed our most common upgrades using current production and the best new old stock items to help you get the most out of these fine Black Star amplifiers.
This upgrade kit covers the Blackstar HT1 Metal combo and HT1 Metal head and is designed to provide a bright punchy tone with a thick grungy and distorted sound when pushed. These are the key combinations of sounds that metal players require.

We use a combination of the best of the current production and new old stock items to achieve this.

The Harma 7025 is a selected high gain valve that supplies a tight and deep bottom end sound with excellent midrange punch. The top end is clear sound and it has a nice early harmonic crunch.This provides the right amount of top end focus and bottom end slam to satisfy the demands of the metal player.

Black Star uses an ECC82 as the output valve and in this kit we use the new old stock RFT ECC82.

The reason we have chosen this valve is for its distortion and overdrive characteristics and the tight punchy sound when used in these Black Star amplifiers. These valves simply sound superb as they produce a punchy aggressive tone with a crunchy edge when overdriven. Single line guitar Solos punch through the mix with plenty of definition. What I really like about the RFT valve is that it is very thick sounding when playing chords, It adds a nice fatness if you are using a Stratocaster or a Tele but is really thick when using a guitar with humbuckers such as a Gibson Les Paul.

The RFT improves the amplifier especially on harder and drop tuned riffs as it prevents the grainy unmusical fuzz that is displayed by many modern ECC82 in the Black Star. This valve has outperformed many more expensive ECC82 and therefore we have used it in this kit.

The kit consists of
1 Specially Selected Harma ECC83 7025 Dr 250
1 Specially Selected RFT ECC82

Please note that the kit is for the valves only.



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