Mesa Boogie Cryo Full Revalve Kits / Mesa Lonestar Special Stan Gain Harma E84L STR BT Cryo Full Upgrade Kit

Mesa Lonestar Special Stan Gain Harma E84L STR BT Cryo Full Upgrade Kit Mesa Lonestar Special Stan Gain Harma E84L STR BT Cryo Full Upgrade Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Our Mesa Boogie specially selected Cryo full revalve kits are designed to enable you to get the best sound out of your Mesa Boogie amplifier. These sets consist of specially position selected Cryo treated pre amp valves that have been selected for each position of your Mesa amplifier. In the output stage we use specially cryogenically treated valves that have been selected to work with the Mesa boogies fixed bias arrangement. Certain output valves will be better for certain kinds of music and therefore to make your choice easier we have indicated this in our product description. Mesa Boogie amps have pioneered the way in multi channel high gain amplifiers and with these cryogenically treated valves sets this will take your sound to a new level.
This full revalve kit consists of a Harma ECC83 STR Standard gain Cryo Pre amp kit combined with the Harma E84L Cryo Military grade output valves and an American Philips Cryo 5Y3WGTA rectifier.

This kit is for the Mesa Lonestar Special heads and combos and is designed to give your Mesa more clarity, smooth warm overdrive with tight fat punchy lows. The Harma E84L is the best clean sounding EL84 and has the latest breakup on the market. It removes the fizz and buzz in the sound and has therefore become our most popular EL84 in Mesa amplifiers.

The Harma ECC83 STR Cryo is used as it has a number of advantages over other 12AX7 types such as reduced microphonics and better isolation from vibration. This is particularly useful in combo applications. The valve is very well balanced with nice even bass which has plenty of depth. The mid-range is clean and transparent which removes the mush and fizz that happens when Boogies are overdriven. The Cryo treatment gives the valve more clarity and definition under clean & overdriven conditions and a smooth warm punchy clarity to the midrange with excellent bottom end depth and tight fat punchy lows.

In the output stage we use the Harma E84L Cryo as this has proved to be one of the most reliable EL84 in Mesa amplifiers that we have used.

The Harma E84L Cryo is a high quality special application military valve that has a rugged construction and thick glass which reduces microphonics and rattles in all guitar combos. The valve produces a deep clear bass response, clear mids and smooth highs.
The valve produces the maximum clean headroom out of any current EL84 providing a rich warm overdrive sound when distorted.

In terms of the 5Y3GT we use the original American military Philips Sylvania 5Y3WGTA Cryo.

The kit consists of 10 valves.

4 Specially Selected Harma ECC83 STR Cryo for positions V1 to V4,
1 Specially Selected & Balanced Harma ECC83 STR Cryo of V5,
4 Specially Selected Harma E84L Burst Tested Cryo in a matched quad
1 Selected Philips Sylvania 5Y3WGTA Cryo Military Grade Rectifier

Please note that this kit is for the valves only



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