Siemens / ECC85-SIEMENS

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Siemens are a huge German owned manufacturer that has made and developed some of the worlds best vacuum tubes. Siemens first patented the x-ray tube On March 24, 1896. Siemens have made some of the best sounding audio valves that have become highly sought after for their sound and build quality.
These Siemens ECC85 were made in the Hungarian Tungsram factory and have all the hall marks of the classic Tungsram valves. They have the Tungsram identification plate on the anode plate of the valve which confirms Tungsram manufacture.

This is a very popular upgrade over the 6n1 in audio applications as the Tungsram has a warm and rounded performance with excellent treble detail. The item produces a very well balanced stereo image. This valve is equally at home in high end audio preamps as well as amplifier front end stages and has been one of our most popular upgrades for the 6N1 valve over the years due to its excellent sound quality.

These are valves have excellent sound quality which outperform the modern made items Siemens used to buy this valve from Tungsram and brand it Siemens and Philips also did the same thing.

This is a super upgrade over the 6n1 and 6n1p and come in the Siemens orange and blue box.



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