Evil Robot Full Revalve Kit / Evil Robot EVR-C30 Classic Retro UTD RCA 6V6GTY Full Revalve Kit

Evil Robot EVR-C30 Classic Retro UTD RCA 6V6GTY Full Revalve Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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The Evil Robot is a collaboration between Fretted Americana David Brass ,guitarist Phil X and amp designer John Kasha.Inspiration for the new Evil Robot comes from the 1959 Tonemaster Troubadour 214 amplifier Fretted Americana have made great strides to not only to duplicate, but to improve upon the original. This work led to the creation of what is now, the Evil Robot.
The Evil Robot Retro United RCA GTY full revalve kit is designed to get the best sound and an instant upgrade over the standard stock valves that are fitted to this remarkable amplifier.

This set uses a combination of the Harma ECC83 Retro Classic warm sound combined with the highest grade new old stock United branded RCA made 6V6GTY.

The RCA trade mark sound is that when it is pushed it distorts evenly and smoothly. The valve puts more of its distorted sound through the midrange and is the most harmonically rich and creamy 6V6GTof all time. The bass is big, rich and with perfect balance and definition between top, middle and bottom. It has a rich and harmonic overdriven sound with classic early breakup. The sound is second to none and the reason why they have become the most sought after 6V6GT type ever made.

The GTY is the special military version that was mainly used in communications equipment and this version was made by RCA in Harrison New Jersey for the United Electronics that we based in Newark New Jersey.

This combination removes the High end fizz and the rather harsh distortion characteristic which is a common complaint from owners of this amplifier when Chinese or JJ 6V6GT are used.

The RCA produces an improvement across the musical spectrum. The bass has more extension and clarity. The high end also has a clear and precise chime when used clean. When overdriven the rash and unmusical fuzz which is a characteristic of many 6V6GT in this amplifier is gone and the amplifier displays real sonic punch.

When using the overdriven settings the valves combined characteristics provide a warm sustaining sound with plenty of upper harmonics with excellent projection on solos.

This combination gives you the classic 6V6GT sound and extra clarity that is available by using carefully selected valves.

Please note that The Evil Robots were shipped with differing valves depending on production run.So please check you amplifier valve line up before purchasing.

The Kit consists of 9 valves.

3 Specially Gain selected Harma ECC83 Retro
1 Specially Gain selected Philips ECC82-5814A
1 Specially Gain selected RCA 6AV6
4 Specially selected 6V6GTY United Branded made by RCA in a matched quad



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