Siemens / 5687WB-SIEMENS

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Siemens are a huge German owned manufacturer that has made and developed some of the worlds best vacuum tubes. Siemens first patented the x-ray tube On March 24, 1896. Siemens have made some of the best sounding audio valves that have become highly sought after for their sound and build quality.
The Siemenís 5687 WB is a special quality double triode valve that is now used extensively in high end audio amplifiers.

The Siemens 5687WB is our most popular item with professional and audio users as customers tell me that this valve has a richer more musical bass response. The big difference is the clear and well defined top end response which gives a clearer sound with more musical dynamics.

This item is the long black plate version and comes in the original box and was made by Tung sol in the USA



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