General Electric / 5U4GB-GENERAL ELECTRIC

5U4GB-GENERAL ELECTRIC 5U4GB-GENERAL ELECTRIC Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Original American 5U4GB made in the U.S.A by General Electric. The General Electric valve was used by many Audio and Guitar amplifier manufactures for its sound quality and consistency.

This is the grey stapled anode plate version which is very low in microphonics which makes this is an excellent 5U4GB for both audio and guitar amplifier applications.

American made 5U4GB offer improved performance and longer life when compared to the current production 5U4GB that are on the market. These are also an ideal Sub for use in Mesa Boogies in place of the 5U4G as they offer more headroom and later sag characteristics.

American 5U4GB are getting very hard to find now and we only have a very limited stock of this item.



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