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Philips was founded by Frederik Philips and his son Gerard Philips in 1891 in Eindhoven in Holland. They concentrated on mass production of incandescent lamps. By the end of the 1890s Philips & Co. is one of the largest producers in the Netherlands and, with 1,000 employees, the country’s largest industrial employer. In 1928 Philips bought Mullard after a joint venture in vacuum tubes. Philips had been one of main originators with in the musical field. They invented the compact cassette and CD discs and also some of the great valve designs such as the EL34 and EL84.
These are excellent sounding Philips EL84 and have gold pins. They have the crease in the top of the valve like all Philips and Mullard valves. They also have the copper support rods with the Philips ribbed hex plates. The anode plates have 3 staples per side as per the photo and as Philips production.

They look identical in every way to examples of original Philips Miniwatt EL84 and Philips EL84 made in Holland that I have in my collection. The boxes that they come in are original Philips.

This valve I have seen been sold by Siemens, Amperex and Philips as their EL84 for many years till the 1990s and I have also seen gold pin version of the Amperex EL84.

Philips did sell all its valve production tooling to the Electronic industries in Yugoslavian when production ceased.

My conclusion is that these maybe rebranded Yugoslavian E.I gold pin valves that were part of the Elite series that E.I Made, so I am selling these as Gold pin E.I EL84 valves.

So how do these sound? Excellent and are superb in Audio and guitar amplifier applications. I have run a set in my own AC30 and in my Leak stereo 20 amplifier. They provided that classic bright chimey Vox sound that really is only supplied by the Mullard-Philips EL84 valves. They have a warm tight bass and are very crunchy when distorted in the Vox, In Audio they are smooth and precise and very detailed.

They are original 19mm in circumference so will fit in old Marshall DS401and Marshall built Vox AC15 TBX. These are an excellent buy and we have a very limited stock of these all which have been tested and matched into pairs and quads.



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