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One of the most famous American Valve manufactures of all time. RCA was responsible for designing and manufacturing many important valves such is the 6V6GT, 6L6GC, 7027a and the super EL84 known as 7189. RCA also pioneered many advances in manufacture such as the black plate coating and had a hand in helping GEC make the famous KT66.
The RCA 6V6GT is the industry standard reference for the 6V6GT and the smoked glass 6V6GTY version is considered by many to the best sounding version of the 6V6GT that RCA made.

These are the early production item with the brown micanol base and smoked glass. The micanol was a special heat resistant base and the smoked glass was in fact RF shielding which was used to prevent hum.
They have the classic rounded ribbed anode construction with the Black Plates.

The RCA trade mark sound is that when it is pushed it distorts evenly and smoothly. The valve puts more of its distorted sound through the midrange and is the most harmonically rich and creamy 6V6GTof all time. The bass is big, rich and with perfect balance and definition between top, middle and bottom. It has a rich and harmonic overdriven sound with classic early breakup. The sound is second to none and the reason why they have become the most sought after 6V6GT ever made.

The GTY is the special military version that was mainly used in communications equipment and this version was made by RCA in Harrison New Jersey for the United Electronics that we based in Newark New Jersey.

The RCA 6V6GT is used as the reference valve to judge the sound quality of all 6V6GT as it simply sounds so good. The GTY version was made with the highest grade components as they had to go through the most rigorous testing for long life and military compliance. The Black plate smoked glass
GTY it is as good as it is ever going to get.

We have limited stocks of this classic valve in dual matched pairs and quads. In the second picture we show the original RCA black base GT and the United branded RCA GTY.



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