United Electronics / ECC83/12AX7A-UNITED ELECTRONICS

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The United Electronics Company was based in Newark New Jersey and founded in 1934. It was one of the first manufacturers in the USA of transmitting power tubes. They became part of Ling Electronics in 1958. After this period they then bought valves from RCA, GE and Sylvania instead of producing the items in house. They also subcontracted valve manufacture to the Far East and had valves made for then in many locations across the world and marketed the valves under the United Electron brand.
These ECC83-12AX7A United Electronics have the ladder plate anode and appear to be very well made. United Electronics contracted many great American valve companies such as RCA, Sylvania and General Electric to make and brand their valves. They also used a number manufactures in the Far East which is where these appear to originate from.

The ladder plate is similar to the Mullard Philips design and these offer a full and tight sound. They are excellent in the bass department as the valve displays a tight yet warm rounded sound. The valve also has a clean crunchy edge when pushed.

The top end is open and clear so this valve is an excellent choice for Fender style amplifiers. This is also a great rock tube when used in old 4 inputs Marshall amps as they simply have that vintage crunch



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