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Mazda 6V6GT where made for the French Military to the highest specification.
The French plant was one of Europeís most respected valve factories and these 6V6GTs date from the early 1950s. These 1950íS Mazda are one of my favourite 6V6GT as they produce one of the best clean and distorted sounds that I have heard in a Fender Deluxe or Princeton.

In clean mode this valve is well balanced with clarity and plenty of warm harmonics. All the classic Fender Sounds were attainable with ease from Funk to Motown.

What is different about these Mazda is that not only do they produce a fantastic clean sound.In over driven mode this valve sets the bench mark for all the competition.

Firstly it has the GE style sound stage which is large, detailed and well balanced. The valve has plenty of top end zing and clarity. When pushed hard they produce the most fluid harmonically rich distortion that makes them a pure joy to play. Lead runs and power chords under these conditions were more dominant with more top end character making single note runs really cut through.

The unique feature of this valve is that under full overdrive situations it produced a fuller more rounded top end response without that sagging flabby compression that may other 6V6GT display.It also handles pedals really well and provides a bold and punchy tone.

There is no doubt that this is one of the most musical of all 6V6GT and is really the one to beat for all styles of music. We have a small stock of this remarkable 6V6GT Mazda in matched pairs and quads



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