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Chinese manufacture who makes a wide range of audio and transmitting tubes such as 211,805 and 845.
The 845 B Shuguang is structurally a very close copy of the 1940s vintage Amperex brass base 845. It has a high purity graphite plate and the vintage style brass base.

The Shuguang factory has made a number of improvements over the standard 845. The Shuguang 845B eliminates the mica bridge which braces the plate structure against the top of glass envelop by having strong posts that are anchored in the valve base and run up on both sides. This prevents the plate structure from movement and rattles and more importantly prevents internal vibration, which is the key to why this valve sounds so much better than the standard 845.

These 845B have full 845 100 watt dissipation ratings and 1250v plate rating and come in a factory presentation box. The valves are factory matched and come with the certificate of matching from the Shuguang factory.

A review by Roger Gordon for Positive Feedback states the advantages of the Shuguang 845B tubes over the standard Shuguang 845 included less noise, better handling of low frequencies, a smoother, more natural sound, and greater detail. It is like going from a $1500 preamp to a $4000 preamp. You can enjoy the music through both, but once you have heard the $4000 preamp it is hard to go back to the cheaper one.

These are available in matched pairs only and are priced individually.



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