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Philips was founded by Frederik Philips and his son Gerard Philips in 1891 in Eindhoven in Holland. They concentrated on mass production of incandescent lamps. By the end of the 1890s Philips & Co. is one of the largest producers in the Netherlands and, with 1,000 employees, the country’s largest industrial employer. In 1928 Philips bought Mullard after a joint venture in vacuum tubes. Philips had been one of main originators with in the musical field. They invented the compact cassette and CD discs and also some of the great valve designs such as the EL34 and EL84.
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This 6V6GT made by the Dutch Philips organization and distributed in Europe under the Adzam brand name. The name is a play on Mazda; simply Mazda spelt backwards hence Adzam. This is identical to the later Philips and Mullard branded 6V6GT and is really an audio bargain

The Azdam again was modelled on the RCA 6V6GT design which was the industry leader. The valve features the classic rounded ribbed anode construction and dark glass with
RF shielding which was sprayed on inside the glass so they could be used in Military communication applications.

I really like these valves in Fender amps as when you are in clean mode they have that wonderfully open treble response So you get plenty of Fender jangle. In clean mode they have the perfect balance of clarity and sparkle. They also have a superb rounded bass and mid-range.

In overdriven mode the valve was easily pushed into distortion great for a small amp and superb for that crunchy edge of break up sound. Solo very well projected and are very clear and the valve has a big sound stage giving a warm and fat rounded tone.

Increase the gain and the valves produce a real touch sensitive feel. The treble also started to get crunchy with a smooth edge. This was great on rock power chords and lead runs.

For those of you who want that RCA style break up with a little more top end sparkle then this is the 6V6GT to choose



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