ECC83/ECC83-S-GROOVE TUBES SUPER PREMIUM-BALANCED Click on image(s) above to view larger
Groove tubes were founded back in 1979 by Aspen Pittman and have become one of the most respected valve brands in the world.

We Offer Two types of Groove Tube selected valves

The first is standard which is tested and selected by Groove tubes using their in house selection and grading.

The second is Groove tubes Super Premium Burst tested which in addition to GT In house testing we additionally Drive test all pre amp valves and burst test all out put valves.

So when you combine this with Watford Valves special test facilities you get a GT distortion rated output valves which has also undergone our own unique real world burst testing and then dual matched by us on current and gain. All pre amp valves in addition to GT in house testing are then drive tested by us and checked for noise and microphoney. We believe this combination gives you the best tested valves available anywhere in the world.
20% Discount

Special balanced item with matched sections for use in phase inverter position, tube microphones or input positions where balanced operation is required.

Groove Tubes Super Premium valves take the selected GT items and in addition to GTs in house testing are specially drive tested by us and checked for noise and microphoney. This will ensure that you get the best selected GT valves available anywhere in the world.

ECC83/ECC83-S Groove Tube is the most popular GT ECC83/12AX7/7025 replacement valve as it produces a warm even tone with a full rounded bass response. The valve has a medium gain, when compared to many other modern 12AX7 types. This makes it particularly useful to calm down gain channels of high gain amplifiers to keep overdrive and saturation under control. This nice rounded tone makes this a good choice for a wide range of amplifiers and musical styles.


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