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These upgrade are tried and tested to help you get the most out of your Peavey amplifier.Peavey have made some really great amplifiers and combo's over the years. Here are some of my personal favourite upgrades with many customers finding that by upgrading the stock valves and speaker gives improved tone. The kits consist of valves and speakers that enable you to voice your amplifier to your own requirements.
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The Peavey Classic 30 STR upgrade kit fitted with the Harma Clear Sapphire speaker is designed to provide a fully authentic American sound with a natural uncoloured top end clarity and response.

The ECC83 STR has the most neutral and well balanced sound out of the current production types. The valve has a nice even bass which has plenty of depth. The mid-range is very transparent which when changing pickup selection give a nice tonal variation. The Top end treble is clear without being hard or fizzy.

The Harma EL84/E84L is chosen as it has the best clean sound out of any modern EL84. In clean mode the valve has a well-balanced sound with a deep solid bass. The valve breaks up later than many others and overdriven conditions the result was a clear defined creamy distortion. These characteristics make this the ideal valve in Fender style amplifiers.

The Harma Clear Sapphire Speaker will give you a tight bottom end with enough clarity for your chords to shine. You can dial in the tonal response that you need, so whether it be fat crunchy sustain or clean Jazz lines on one gig, to screaming solos to country licks on the next. The Harma Clear Sapphire is a speaker that will provide the sound you are looking for with plenty of harmonic warmth.

Here is what our customer Ian Secome said after fitting Harma Clear Sapphires and using a Fender Dual showman head/Fender twin reverb.

Sound wise, after an initial 20 minutes of break-in, they start to reveal warm clear depth that Fender twin reverbs are renowned for. Once the speakers have been used for a couple of hours the amp felt more responsive, giving natural tone that one would expect from a vintage Fender amp. Tonally the Harma 12" ceramic clear can easily handle any style of music, they lend themselves to jazz/country for that super clean sound or with a tweak of the pre-amp can give that nice blues break-up that so many players spend thousands of pounds hankering after. For those that want a crystal clear warm vintage tone at any volume should look no further these speakers give a very good bass response without adding that Celestion midrange honk


The upgrade kit consists of

2 Specially Selected Harma ECC83 STR
1 Specially Selected & Balanced Harma ECC83 STR
4 Specially Selected and matched Harma EL84/E84L BT
1 Harma Clear Sapphire G12 Ceramic 50 watt speaker 16 ohm



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