Tung-Sol Russia / 6L6GC/7581A-TUNG SOL RU

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The Tung-sol reissue valves are produced by the Sovtek Corporation to high standards at their reflector plant in Russia. These are recreations of some of the most popular Audio and guitar valves and they also produce some original designs under the Tung-Sol name such as the KT120. These valve are used by original equipment manufactures the work over for their sound quality and reliability.
The Tung-Sol 6L6GC-7581A is a modern made 6L6GC that is designed around the classic American 6L6GC. The Tung-sol 7581A has only 30 watt plate dissipation like a normal 6L6GC unlike the original Philips or G.E 7581A which had a 35 watt rating, so technically it is a 6L6GC not a 7581A.

The Tung-sol reissue 7581A offers a well-balanced sound and features a very rugged design.
This valve provides a bright top end response with a nice rounded midrange .Under extreme saturation does have a punchy bright treble with plenty of top end cut that will suit many Fender players.
The bottom end is very tight with plenty of bass extension. This is a great all round 6L6GC and ideal if you want more top end brightness and clarity from your amplifier.

The Tung-Sol 6L6GC-7581A is available in dual matched pairs and quads which are matched on Plate current and gain.



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