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Blackstar Series One 104 Classic 6L6GC Retro Kit Blackstar Series One 104 Classic 6L6GC Retro Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Black Star guitar amplifiers have quite rightly caused a major buzz in the music industry since their launch back in 2007. By upgrading the valves to our selected sets customers have been able to voice their amps to their personal requirements. Customers have reported a range of benefits when upgrading the valves over the factory items. Here we have listed our most common upgrades using current production and the best new old stock items to help you get the most out of these fine Black Star amplifiers.
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This Classic upgrade kit covers the Black Star Series One 104 6L6GC equipped head and is designed to provide the ideal combination for those who demand a traditional American clean sound but also require clarity and top end punch when using high gain settings this will enable you to get the best out of your Black Star.

This combination designed to give you the traditional American voiced sound with more top end bite and less fizz when using modern high gain settings.

We use a combination of the best of the current production and new old stock items to achieve this.

The Harma ECC83 Retro provides a harmonically rich and detailed sound with excellent 3D midrange warmth. This valve has a traditional British voiced sound that has a huge singing sustaining tone when overdriven. The outstanding feature of this valve is its smooth linear midrange response and extended frequency response so you get smooth warm overdrive with tight fat punchy lows.

The Philips Jan Military ECC82-5814A is used as it is a special military grade valve that was with the highest grade materials and with no compromise on selection or quality control as they were for the American Government to be used in avionics.

These valves have a number of unique features such as high grade filament isolation so even after long periods of use the filament will not degrade. The 5814A were designed to be immune to shock and vibration and they were also rated for long life. To put it simply, no modern day ECC82 is made to this specification and no modern day ECC82 sounds like it. The Philips overdrives very evenly and does not fall apart when you saturate the amplifier. The 5814A improves the amplifier as it losses the grainy unmusical fuzz that is displayed by many modern ECC82 in the black star. This valve has outperformed many more expensive ECC82 and therefore we have used it in this kit.

The Harma 6L6GC Retro is modelled on the famous Sylvania STR 387 6L6GC and it shares many of the same sound features. In clean mode the valve breaks up later than the stock 6L6GC and gives an improved clean sound. The design also has an extended treble response so can provide more clean sparkle also cater for the modern high gain sound.

In the overdrive stakes the Harma 6L6GC-Retro showed it was a real top performer as
It completely captures the classic rock sound. It provides a nice balanced overdrive sound which allowed clear sustained notes to cut through the mix. It was punchy and well balanced on chords and open voicing. They also cleaned up very easily when using the Les Paul volume control and could provide all the sounds from a nice crunch to all out high gain distortion. Tight well defined bass with plenty of slam completed the picture. This is one excellent modern 6L6GC type for clean through to high gain American rock.

The kit consists of
4 Specially Selected Harma ECC83 Retro
1 Specially Selected Philips ECC82-5814A
4 Specially Selected and matched Harma 6L6GC Retro

Please note that the kit is for the valves only.



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