E88CC/6922-JJ TESLA CRYO BALANCED E88CC/6922-JJ TESLA CRYO BALANCED Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Watford Valves has cryogenically treated some of the more popular and best sounding JJ electronic formally known as Tesla valves. This process makes a permanent change and the benefits do not deteriorate over time or upon return to operating temperature, it changes the whole way the vacuum tube performs. The biggest benefits I have found have been a dramatic improvement in dynamic range. Bass response has been clearer with reduction in microphonics. The soundstage is bigger with more detail with a big reduction in the noise floor. The really most starling fact has been how the valve operates under saturated and overdriven conditions in guitar amplifiers. The distortion is smoother with less hardness and is musically pleasing to the ear.
The JJ/Tesla E88CC/6922 Cryo is a modern valve which has smooth mids and relaxed highs. This valve is made from a thick glass which reduces the micro phonics that some other E88CC types suffer from.

These specially treated Cryo versions have a number of improvements over the standard item. The Cryo treatment enhances the bass end response, resulting in more depth .The midrange has for more bite and top end has a clear transparent sound.

The JJ E88CC Cryo offers a huge improvement over the standard item and offers a good low cost upgrade.

We offer a balanced Item only for high end applications.

1) Balanced -matched triode sections for Phase splitter, Audio & Tube microphones

All Balanced preamp valves are Dynamically Drive tested under real working condition have passed the following tests:

Gain (db) Drive Tested
Transconductance (gm) Drive Tested
Output Drive Tested
Noise 1 (signal to noise)
Noise 2 (Aural)
Microphonics Test 1(Ambient)
Microphonic Test 2 (Shock)
Cathode Test
Grid Leakage Test

If you want a matched pair then by ordering 2 of the balanced valves you will get a matched pair



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