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These are specially selected Cryo preamp front end sets for Orange amplifier owners. The sets consist of specially position selected pre amp valves that have been selected for each position in your Orange amplifier. Valves are chosen from current production as well as highly sought after new old stock valves and have be Cryo treated to give the best results. Standard gain kits aim to give a warm and fat overdrive with a High gain option to give you maximum overdrive, early break up with the lowest noise. Our Classic kit provides owners with a valve close in tone to the vintage Mullard ECC83. So you can the best set to suit your playing style. These Cryogenically treated valves are tested and selected to give the best sonic performance out of your Orange amplifier.
Orange OR50H Classic Retro Cryo Pre amp upgrade kit is designed to give your OR50 as close to the old Mullard tone as possible and the classic British Orange sound.

The Harma ECC83 Retro Cryos provide a harmonically rich and detailed sound with a 3D midrange warmth that produces a huge sustaining tone. The outstanding feature of this valve is its smooth linear midrange response and extended frequency response so you get smooth warm overdrive with tight fat punchy lows.

The Cryo treatment provides warm clear detailed bass with clear articulation and smooth even distortion when the amplifier is overdriven. The highs have more detail, attack and smoothness which can go from a glassy clean to a creamy sustain.
The Cryo process provides more dynamics than the untreated items and therefore provides a warmth and clarity that before was only attainable by using expensive new old Stock valves such as the Mullards.

The Kit Consists of 3 valves.

2 x Specially Selected Harma ECC83-Retro Cryo
1 x Specially Selected & Balanced Harma ECC83-Retro Cryo for the phase splitter.

Please note that this is the valves only


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