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The JJ factory was born out of the ashes of the former Tesla factory. They currently make a range of High quality valves based on some of Tesla most famous designs.
The JJ-Tesla ECC803S is a warm sounding large long anode plate designed ECC83. JJ has used long 17mm plate design used in the 1950s by Mullard with a longer fin to improve heat dissipation.
The valve features gold plated grid, top getter and a spiral filament to reduce hum and noise.

The ECC803S is an excellent sounding valve which is ideally suited to audio applications. It produces a rich warm sound which is both thick and fat. The valve is musical and well balanced; it is easy to listen to with no harshness and it has plenty of detail in the upper mids with a fast smooth bass response.

Guitar Amplifiers
I would not use these in guitar combos or high gain stages this is because the long plate structure it is susceptible to the vibration and excessive microphonics. I would only use these in guitar heads with vintage voiced pre amp sections such as old Marshall Superlead heads.

For combos and High gain amps the JJ ECC83S is a better choice and will last longer. So we do not recommend the use of the ECC803S in these applications

Audio amplifiers.
This is a clear winner as the smooth openness of the sound is great at removing hardness from modern digital equipment. The valve provides excellent performance and a low cost upgrade to the Chinese 12AX7 that is supplied in modern Hi-Fi equipment.



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