General Electric / 12DW7/7247-GENERAL ELECTRIC

12DW7/7247-GENERAL ELECTRIC 12DW7/7247-GENERAL ELECTRIC Click on image(s) above to view larger

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The 7247 is a premium industrial specification 12DW7 valve. This USA made original General Electric valve is the first choice when revalveing old Ampeg amplifiers as it has a large sound stage and superb balance and the famous GE sound.

The valve being a full industrial specification is made to the highest standards and high grade materials, unlike the modern made 12DW7 types.

A 12DW7 or higher specification 7247 is a dissimilar triode i.e. plate 1 is an ECC83-12AX7 valve whist plate 2 is an ECC82-12AU7 valve. Hence why some companies also call this valve an ECC832.

Most of these valves were used as standard by Ampeg and used in the original Ampeg SVT and V4B amplifiers.

The General Electric USA made 7247 is sought after for its large sound stage and superb balance.The valve has a very clear top end with excellent clarity. This makes this valve the Number 1 choice and the pick of the Vintage new old stock 12DW7.
The G.E premium 7247 is simply the best sounding items and this is why many Vintage amp restorers feel that the premium 7247 is the best 12DW7 to use in old Ampegs.



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