Siemens / PF86/4CF8-SIEMENS

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Siemens are a huge German owned manufacturer that has made and developed some of the worlds best vacuum tubes. Siemens first patented the x-ray tube On March 24, 1896. Siemens have made some of the best sounding audio valves that have become highly sought after for their sound and build quality.
This is an original high quality German made PF86 Siemens. These are the high quality mesh anode construction and come in the original Siemens box.

These are used in the Soundelux U 99 B valve microphone. The B version of this microphone is different from the first U99 microphone.
Engineers have told me that the first version, the U99 used and EF86 and the B version cannot be modified to take an EF86. The have told me that the U99B is great on drums as it sound deeper and fuller. They also tell me that the U99B is easier to set up and EQ.

We only have a small quantity of this valve and with no current production of this valve it is unlikely that we will ever get any more. This is a high class microphone and if you own one then it is worth getting a spare while they are available.



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