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Ulyanov, Ulyanovsk Russia A large state-owned factory specializes in military equipment. The factory makes valves for use in military aircraft electronics. Items are made to very high quality and use the best materials. They make very high quality audio types such as GU-50 and 6C33C-B
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This is the super military contract 6C33C-B that is made by the Ulyanov factory in Russia and is the best sounding 6C33C-B ever made and the best for all audio applications.

The Ulyanov Factory specialized in making valves for use in military aircraft electronics. So the valves are of exceptional quality as most were supplied for Russian military contracts. This was the item that was used in the MIG-25 fighter plane and used to regulate the power supply.

Therefore the 6C33C-B used the highest grade materials and subject to the highest quality controls for the Russian Military. Indeed special quality nickel was used in manufacture to give long life under extreme condition and to withstand 3G.That is why they are built like a Russian tank, with no compromise.

The Ulyanov made is the best sounding make of this valve for audio. It delivers a very musical and dynamic performance with excellent clarity and bottom end. A number of Russian factories made this valve but because of it excellent musical reproduction we only stock this one.

This was the item used by Graaf in the beautiful GM20 and BAT in models VK-55, VK-60, VK-75, and VK-150

We have a very small quantity of the Ulyanov items which have been selected and matched in Russia and have then been re tested and dual matched by us on Anode current and gain.
They are available in matched pairs and quads



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