Mesa Boogie Cryo Pre Amp Kits / Mesa Quad Cryo Stan Gain Pre amp kit

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These are specially selected preamp/front end sets for Mesa Boogie owners. The sets consist of specially position selected pre amp valves that have been selected for each position in your Mesa.

We have 4 kits such as Low gain, This to give the maximum clean headroom, Standard gain, to give a warm and fat overdrive and Hi gain to give you maximum over drive with the lowest noise. Our 4 th Kit, called the Classic provides boogie owners with a valve close in tone to the vintage Mullard ECC83. So you can the best set to suit your playing style.

These Cryogenically treated valves are tested and selected to give the best sonic performance out of your Mesa Boogie amplifier.
This front end Standard gain Cryo pre amp kit is designed to overcome the hard cutting fizzy sounds that can be produced with the Mesa Quad pre amp.

This front end Kit Uses our Harma ECC83 STR Cryo valve which is selected to give you a sound that is both clean and warm. The valves are selected for standard gain as we found that this gave the best overall sounds in our tests.

The Quad Pre amp, unlike the Mesa Triaxis does not use any opamp for generating the distortion; it is just the sound of valve distortion that is generated, which is why this is such a good unit

The benefit of using valves with a cleaner sound such as the Harma ECC83 STR Cryo valves is that it gives the clean sound a sparkling clarity. In Clean mode, Fender clean sound were open and with a nice top end detail. When switching in the classic Boogie sounds you had the classic Boogie Mark 3 crunch to the slam of the mark 2 C.

The Cryo valve set gives improvements in the clarity of the distortion by removing the mush and muddiness when the valve is saturated; it provides a tighter bass and clearer top end frequency response. These outstanding features of this valve give your boogie crunch without the noise and hiss.

The kit consists of 8 specially selected valves.

V1- (V11) Selected Harma Cryo ECC83 STR
V2- (V12) Selected Harma Cryo ECC83 STR
V3- (V13) Selected Harma Cryo ECC83 STR
V4- (V14) Selected Harma Cryo ECC83 STR
V5- (V21) Selected Harma Cryo ECC83 STR
V6- (V22) Selected Harma Cryo ECC83 STR
V7- (V23) Selected Harma Cryo ECC83 STR
V8- (V24) Selected Harma Cryo ECC83 STR

My thanks to Ray Lewis for the use of his Quad pre amp.



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