Philips ECG JAN / ECC83/5751-PHILIPS

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Philips electronics components group was the name given to the products marketed in America after Philips bought the American valve manufacturer Sylvania in the early 1980ís. Sylvania was a major manufacturer of valves and Philips bought them to get the lucrative American Government and military contracts. These valves are of the highest military grade which offer outstanding performance and were all made in the USA.
The Philips 5751 is a superbly warm and rich sounding 5751 type.

The valve has a lower amplification of 70 mu as opposed to a 100 mu of a ECC83/12AX7. This makes it harder for the valve to distort and therefore an ideal choice when the best clean sound is required. The Philips 5751 is a great valve to use in Fender Hot rod series of amplifiers as it tames the fuzzy more drive setting. It also works well in the front end of any amplifier if gain reduction and clarity are your aims.

It has more midrange and less top end than The G.E 5751 which also makes it the ideal choice for blues and harmonica players.

These come in the original government box and are full JAN specification.

Balanced option
The special balanced item has matched triode sections for use in critical positions in audio amplifiers tube compressors, phase inverter position, tube microphones or input positions where balanced operation is required.



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