General Electric / 6AU6WC-GENERAL ELECTRIC

6AU6WC-GENERAL ELECTRIC 6AU6WC-GENERAL ELECTRIC Click on image(s) above to view larger

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The General Electric 6AU6WC military grade valve is one of the best valves that we have come across for use in tube microphones and in vintage Hammonds.

The sonic performance of this tube for audio is superb. The valve is very quiet and has a warm musical sound with plenty of top end clarity and detail.

The GE 6AU6WC was designed to work in extreme situations such as area with high levels of vibration, shock and high levels of heat. This made it an excellent choice or tube mics or Hammond organs.

The General Electric item is very popular in tube microphone applications such as the Sony C37a and C800G. We have supplied these for use in Calerec and Altec 21 microphones with very good reports.

Customers have told us that in use they have more top end performance with a large soundstage than other 6AU6 types. These come in the original Government boxes.



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