Reflector Russia / 6X4R/6U4N-EB-REFLECTOR

6X4R/6U4N-EB-REFLECTOR Click on image(s) above to view larger

All prices contained on this page are exclusive of VAT. This is currently charged at 20% and is payable by all EU countries.

Reflector Corp, Saratov: The Reflector Corp based in Saratov in Russia made some of the best Russian military types. Reflector has built large thyratrons as well as signal valves with most of its production going to the Russian government. All items are original Military sourced items and therefore offer superb build and sound quality.
The 6X4-R is a small rectifier has been used by many high end audio companies over the last few years.

The Audio note DAC 4 Signature is a prime example of this.

The valve has a higher plate voltage than the American or British 6X4/EZ90 but it IS NOT PIN COMPATIBLE WITH THE BRITISH OR AMERICAN VALVE. These we have stocked for our audio customers who amplifiers have been fitted with this item.

This is the high grade EB type which was designed and used by the Russian military.



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