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Tube Amp Doctor are a German distributor that selects and re brands valves from the principally the Chinese factory. They offer a range of their own branded parts and supplies which are sourced throughout the world.
The T.A.D KT66 is the Chinese valve in that is used in the Marshall vintage and modern guitar amplifiers.
The valve has a glass body that is a replica the old GEC and the plate materials have been also improved to give a more authentic look. In terms of sound, if you are an audio user then the valve really does not supply the sonics or the performance you would expect. So this really leaves it as a guitar valve.
In my own Vintage and modern combo the valve sounded good and crunchy with a nice balance, it had none of the mid clarity and definition that you would get from an original KT66. Overall it provided a good valve sound but not the Bluesbreaker sound that many would want from a KT66

If you are thinking of running this item in an old Marshall then please take note that the Vintage Modern Marshall runs the negative grid bias at between -62 to-64 vdc. You will need a tech to adjust your amplifier. These tubes draw a lot more current than vintage KT66.

These are available in matched pairs and quads. We do not supply these in singles



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