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The General Electric 6550A has become one of the great classic valves that really define the sound of the 6550A. This is regarded as the best 6550 ever made and has a huge audio following by users of Conrad Jonson and Audio Research amplifiers. It was also factory fitted as the valve of choice in the best bass amp of all time, the Ampeg SVT.

The punch that hits you in the chest and fluidness in the bass is like no other, the classic Ampeg growl is what the G.E provides in abundance when used in the SVT. In over 30 years of owning and playing SVT amplifiers nothing comes close to a set of these in a vintage SVT. The bass end on the GE is deep and powerful and the top end is very smooth with no hardness, the valve just sings.

We have special sets of precisely matched U.S.A made sextets which have undergone a controlled burn in process to ensure stability. Then tested for cathode heater insulation, gas and continuity before finally undergoing our bust testing to ensure complete reliability and then matched on anode current and plate current.

The G.E soundstage was huge making the amps sound powerful which is why then are my choice every time. They are not cheap, but then quality never is cheap and if you want the best then
Look no further than the classic 6550A from General Electric

This set is a specially selected set of 6 off 6550A General Electric USA made identically matched for the Ampeg SVT bass amps.



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