Sovtek / GZ34/5AR4-SOVTEK

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The Sovtek Corporation produces a range of the most popular audio and guitar valves. These valves are made in Russia to high standards at the reflector plant. These valves are used by original equipment manufactures the world over for their sound quality and reliability.
The Sovtek GZ34 5AR4 a very well made modern full wave rectifier. The valve uses thick grade glass and rugged military style construction. It can be used in many audio and guitar amplifier circuits to replace 5AR4, GZ34 & CV1377. The valve is also used by many manufactures such as Fender and Mesa Boogie and some Vox amplifiers and is also sold by Groove tubes as the GT 5AR4

In tests this valve has outperformed both the Chinese made and the modern JJ GZ34
The Sovtek items provides the correct voltage drop and is very consistent both the Chinese and the JJ are subject to huge variance in voltage drops. This leads to the amplifier compressing far earlier than it should resulting in a poor level of sound quality.

This is an Ideal upgrade from the stock Chinese valves that many manufactures fit and therefore we can recommend the Sovtek GZ34 in all applications.



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